Join the BrisFest Kazoonity

Join the Kazoonity

It's the most kazoo-tastic event of the year!

Be part of the world's biggest, kazaniest orchestra ever, 10,000 kazoos-strong.

We’re inviting Brissy to take a deep breath, join as one, and release an almighty chorus of kazoo.

10,000 Kazoos is a mass participation event for Brisbane Festival 2023. It’s happening in the heart of Victoria Park this September, and anyone can take part. 

You don’t need any musical ability or training. We promise! Simply stick a kazoo in your mouth, with the pointy end at the world, and send some do-do-dos down that tube.

It's simple. It's fun. It's oh so kazoo-ey. 

All you need is a kazoo, and we'll provide that for you!

Getting involved is easy...

#Getting involved is easy...

Kazilitate a workshop

Passionate about making art and general cacophony and have a space for 30-100 kazoothiastic people for an hour or so?

Schools, community centres, arts orgs, and more can get involved. Register your interest now to find out how you and your crew can host a kazootiful workshop in your community.

Make Some Kazusic

Dave Grohl and The Rolling Stones kazoo'd, you can too!

Join a free kazoo workshop in one of 20 or so locations throughout the city to help create the original composition that will be played by 10,000 kazoodlers at Brisbane Festival's closing concert!

Remember, no skills or experience required, you don't even need to perform in the final concert... just a desire to be part of the kazooniverse :)

Just Kazoo It

Be a part of kazoodling history as we go for the record as the world's largest orchestra of kazoos at Brisbane Festival's closing concert.

Bring your nan. Bring your crush. Bring your footy club. Bring everyone you know and kazoodle as one to release an almighty chorus of kazooooooo.

No rehearsals. Nothing to practice. Just rock up with all of the kazoothiasm you can muster!

#Bright and bold things await!

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