Giving Program

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#Our donors help Brisbane Festival soar.

Brisbane Festival donors play an integral part in sustaining the vibrancy and vitality of Brisbane’s cultural life. They lead the way in arts philanthropy, strengthening the city’s position as a thriving artistic hub of creativity. Guided by our dedicated Giving Committee, philanthropy continues to flourish with a passionate group of donors backing the success of Brisbane Festival 2024.

Brisbane Festival’s Giving Committee warmly welcomes Next Gen leaders to drive growth of the Giving Program into the future. This exciting initiative introduces a group of exceptional emerging philanthropists to the Festival family and in turn they reach out through their networks to attract a new generation of young donors to the Giving Program. 

The Giving Program allows Brisbane Festival to deliver artistic experiences of scale and ambition from artists and to keep those opportunities accessible for all. By staging free events and keeping ticket prices low, our donors dissolve barriers while helping Brisbane Festival artists dream big.  

If you would like to become involved with the Giving Program by making a donation to Brisbane Festival, please contact Head of Philanthropy Fabienne Cooke via  

A heartfelt thank you to our generous donors for supporting Brisbane Festival 2024.  

I believe so emphatically in the value of the arts. It allows the artistic direction to be much bolder, to put on great shows which would otherwise be unaffordable.

Philip Bacon AO, Board Deputy Chair and Giving Committee Member

I really feel I am fulfilling a lot of my goals philanthropically by supporting the arts and seeing Brisbane evolve as a city.

Virginia Bishop, Donor

To see a show get commissioned, come to life, and then see it performed live and see the enjoyment it brings so many people in the community, you can’t help but want to do more and more every year.

Courtney Talbot, Giving Committee Deputy Chair

#Giving categories

Donations of any size are valued. Every contribution plays a vital role in supporting the Festival.

Game Changers


Shape critical and defining moments in our history through transformative commissions and collaborations.

Community Ambassadors

$100k - $299,999

Deliver arts experiences that are accessible, diverse and joyous.

Festival Advocates


Promote the power of art to transform through cutting edge creativity and cultural innovation.

High Commissioners

$10k - $49,999

Produce bold, bright and brilliant new commissions.

Creative Champions

$5k - $9,999

Showcase artists of global significance.


$1,500 - $4,999

Commission new work that reflects people and place.


$500 - $1,499

Develop the work of independent artists.


$100 - $499

Grow the love with a like-minded collective.


Leave your mark on Brisbane Festival through a bequest in your will.

#2024 Acknowledgements 

#Game Changers

Philip Bacon AO

Tim Fairfax AC and Gina Fairfax AC

#Community Ambassadors

Ian and Cass George

Haymans Electrical

Shaun and Sue Kenny

Paul, Susan and Kate Taylor

Carolyn Vincent - Ubuntu Foundation

Wilson Foundation

#Festival Ambassadors

Liz Pidgeon and Graeme Wikman

#High Commissioners

Anonymous x 2

Justice Thomas Bradley and Dr Matthew Yoong

Conscious Capital

Dalwood-Wylie Charitable Foundation

Frazer Family Foundation

Helen and Michael Gannon Foundation

Simon and Prue George

Dr Susan and Andrew King - ASHER Capital

Mather Foundation

Simon and Nicole Morrison

Gretel Packer AM

Kevin and Laura Perkins

Ben and Fiona Poschelk

Siganto Foundation

Jodie Siganto

Courtney Talbot

Michele and Michael Taylor

Phillip, Marisa and Bella Vecchio

Simon White and Chanelle Simpson

Mrs Diana and Mr Gary Willemsen

Lyn Williams AM

#Creative Champions

Andrew Baker and Louisa Taliacos

The Hon Justice Sue Brown and Lisa Worner

Judith Cush

John and Holly Livingstone

Russell Mann and Margot McLay

Rod and Judy Pilbeam

Ray White Collective

Ward Family Foundation

Penny J Wolff and Peter J Wolff

#The Commissioners

Antoinette Aquilina and Gary Hutchins

Louise Bezzina

Virginia Bishop

Andrew and Katrina Carrick

Kim Challenor

Brett Clark AM

Marshall and Fabienne Cooke

Heidi and James Cooper

Sheryl Cornack

Charlie and Alicia Cush

Jamie and Kate Duffield

Tamara and Jack Fahy

Rhyll Gardner and Rusty Graham

Marian Gibney

Amanda and Jeff Griffin

Drs Elizabeth Hodge and Daniel Hagley

Susan Learmonth and Bernard Curran

David Lyons

Libby Mackay

Annie Macnaughton

Amanda Newbery

The Hon Anthe Philippides

Dare and Andrea Power

Anna Reynolds and Ian O'Connor

Dr Kieran Rowe and Suzie Rowe

Shepherd Family Foundation

Alison Smith

Tony and Linda Young

#The Independents

Isabel Brew

Ingrid Costello

Harley and Prue Dalton - Altor Capital Pty Ltd

Tai Harvey

Michelle Boyd

Sonia Holiday - Motorola Rentals

Joli Boutique

Belinda Litster

Sally Mitchell

Ross Molloy and Cath Nicholson

Stewart Moore

Jodie-Anne Mouritz

Naomi Murphy

Tim and Katie Pack

Lois Penney and Stuart Birkbeck

Andrea and Craig Templeman

Ewen and Tina Thompson

Jenny Usher and Peter Good

Judy and David Usher

Sarah Zeljko


Anonymous x 3

Andrew Battersby

Brisbane Fashion Festival

Alissa Bermingham

Larry Crump

Bertie Cush

Tilly Cush

Neve Daniel

Mary Dickinson

Michael Fairbairn

Jack Gallagher

Connor Gass

Isabella Gass

Ashleigh Mansfield

Michael Morris

Dr Mellissa Naidoo

#Giving Circles

Philip Bacon’s Eucalyptus Syndicate

Anonymous x 2 

Philip Bacon AO 

Helen and Michael Gannon Foundation 

Shaun and Sue Kenny 

Gretel Packer AM 

Liz Pidgeon and Graeme Wikman 

Mrs Diana and Mr Gary Willemsen

Lyn Williams AM 

Courtney Talbot’s JPG Syndicate 

Judith Cush

Rhyll Gardner and Rusty Graham

Ian and Cass George

Ray White Collective

Rod and Judy Pilbeam

Courtney Talbot

Phillip, Marisa and Bella Vecchio

Simon White and Chanelle Simpson

Brisbane Festival expresses deep respect to and acknowledges the First People of this Country.